February 2016 – Matrix Re-accreditation

We are pleased to announce that we have regained Matrix Accreditation for another three years. During the assessment process the following strengths have been highlighted:

  • Skills4Communities and it staff were found to be delivering services effectively.
  • There is a highly committed and competent team of staff delivering what is considered an excellent service by clients.
  • Clients consider that the organisation goes beyond its remit to ensure they are supported and their needs are met holistically. This includes wide-ranging understanding of the network of support available across the region as well as exploration of further education and work opportunities.
  • From the perspective of both clients and staff, the management of the service listen to views and take action where possible. All staff felt able to put ideas forward and gave examples of where these had been implemented. Clients also gave examples of how their views had been valued and actioned.
  • The Equality and Diversity policy is implemented throughout the organisation in a number of positive ways. The teams offer a range of languages and will also seek to translate through Google Translate for example, for those languages not spoken. The inclusive culture has meant that many of the clients are able to access the service comfortably and with substantial support to move forward towards their goals.




Before I came to Skills 4 Communities I was unsure that they could help me as I felt I has done all the courses before. I was wrong! I gained new skills and work experience before being offered employment.
It feels good to be able to something that is helping me learn how to use computers!
S4C truly delivers the skills that employers are looking for and are very patient with their customers. I am now working and my happiness has come back!
Thank you for all the help that I have received! It has really helped me!
I am full or appreciation and gratitude for the help and encouragement that my Employment Advisor – Louise gave me.

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