The Access to Housing project will build upon existing resources and projects and fill a gap in service provision to proactively ensure that migrant households have equal access to quality and choice of housing. The aims of these pages are:

  • To offer help and advice to landlords letting properties to the migrant community.
  • To increase cultural awareness of private sector landlords taking migrant household tenancies
  • To improve community cohesion
  • To improve understanding of housing rights, responsibilities and standards within migrant and the BME communities.

Advice for Private Landlords Letting to Migrant Communities

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Sometimes disputes may arise between landlords and tenants due to lack of communication and understanding, especially if the tenant is from a different cultural background.Here at Skills4Communities our Access2Housing Team can help by providing free access to translators and interpreters.

We also have staff that will liaise with or mediate between tenants and landlords if disputes arise. In order to prevent misunderstanding developing into disputes it is important that tenants understand their rights and responsibilities and those of their landlords with regard to the property. This information should of course be in the tenancy agreement and we would therefore urge landlords to contact us if their tenants do not fully understand the English language.

We can explain the tenancy agreement to them and possibly translate it into their own language. This will also help landlords legally. If the tenant does not comply with the rules of the tenancy agreement they may not be able to claim ignorance due to their inability to speak English, therefore we urge tenants to contact us for advice and guidance so they fully understand their tenancy agreement.


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