English for Citizenship

We are now offering an English for Citizenship course

Citizenship and Visa Requirement:
For some students the UKBA requirements for naturalisation / citizenship or Visa applications may be important. For entry level students, the requirement is to improve by at least one level in a course that uses citizenship materials.

Length of Course:
The course is designed to run for a minimum of 10 sessions of 3 hours; however if someone requires more sessions, these can be arranged and agreed with the Tutor for an additional charge. If a learner feels that he or she is suitable for ‘fast-tracking’ this can also be organised, though the course charge will remain the same.

We have classes running in the morning and the afternoon, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays every week. Customers are encouraged to speak to their Tutor about the level that they would prefer to be assessed prior to registration.

Mock Assessment:
Customers will be assessed through ‘mock trials’ prior to booking their exams. They will have the opportunity to discuss with their Tutor their areas for improvement.

When Can You Join:
Customers can register for the course any time, either one-to-one in the office, online at Skills4Communities website or on Facebook.

Cost of Classes:
The cost of the classes is £150.

Books and Resources:
The Tutor will recommend resources and books. Exercises and handouts will be given in classes. Homework may be given, so that the students can check their learning progress prior to the next class.

Booking of Examinations:
Customers are responsible for booking their own exams with Trinity College London; however we may help in booking these exams.


I would like to thank all the staff and especially Jeannette for helping me towards a successful career move, gan more confidence and think positive to move on.
I was really stuck beofre I did my ICT course as I could not email for any jobs. Now I feel confident and my future is looking much better!
Before I started at Skills4Communities I had a bleak outlook on my job prospects. I have the confidence and the correct training to apply for new job vacancies
When I first came to Skills 4 Communities I only knew the basics of computers. Now, thanks to my tutor - Mariusz, I have learnt a lot and am very confident using the internet.
Thank you for all your help Mariusz! I really enjoyed my time in the ICT class.

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