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20/12/2017Christmas BreakRead more »
01/02/2016February 2016 – Matrix Re-accreditationRead more »
23/12/2015December 2014 – MINDFUL EMPLOYERRead more »
05/01/2015January 2015 – Partnership with Calderdale College to provide fully funded training to employersRead more »
05/01/2015December 2014 – Healthy Workplace Award Winners!Read more »
29/11/2014November 2014 – Read about our volunteer Dan gaining employment in the November 2014 newsletterRead more »
29/10/2014October 2014 – Customer Focus GroupRead more »
29/10/2014October 2014 – Raising money for Macmillan Cancer CareRead more »
29/10/2014October 2014 – Take a look at the second edition of our monthly newsletter!Read more »
09/09/2014September 2014 – View our first newsletter!Read more »
09/09/2014August 2014 – Hull Food Bank PartnershipRead more »
04/09/2014July 2014 – Marie Curie Blooming Great Tea Party!Read more »
09/02/2014February 2014 – Ramp up the Red!Read more »


Thank you for all the help that I have received! It has really helped me!
I was dreading coming here on my first day, but now it's almost time to leave and I really don't want to leave and say goodbye to some very nice and helpful people!
I came to S4C not knowing what direction to take. The staff made me feel very positive towards gaining employment and completing training!
I would like to thank all the staff and especially Jeannette for helping me towards a successful career move, gan more confidence and think positive to move on.
Before I came to Skills 4 Communities I was unsure that they could help me as I felt I has done all the courses before. I was wrong! I gained new skills and work experience before being offered employment.

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